How Children with Medicaid Can Receive Behavior Therapy

children medicaid behavior therapy

Finding the right resources for your special needs child can be a tough and confusing process. That’s why the state of Florida has partnered with the Better Support Service to offer healthcare assistance to parents, guardians, and caretakers of children with psychological health disorders. Parents of children with cognitive disorders such as Autism, ADHD, and ADD may be eligible to qualify for Florida Medicaid’s assistance program, which offers Behavior Analysis services to special needs families at reduced costs.

What is Behavioral Analysis?

The Behavior Analysis (BA) program is designed to help parents and guardians reduce unwanted behavior, like tantrums and outbursts, while affirming healthy activity and promoting effective communication. Using behavioral therapy techniques, the Behavior Analysis program specializes in improving social, behavioral, and adaptive proficiencies, which may be severely lacking in children with cognitive disorders.

The Behavior Analysis program takes a scientific approach to therapy, using rewards and consequences to reinforce acceptable behavior, reduce unacceptable behavior, and encourage the development of new skills. By setting concrete goals and exposing special needs children to constructive therapy environments, Behavior Analysis has been shown to dramatically improve learning ability, conversational attentiveness, and social interaction among recipients. To ensure quality of care, all Behavior Analysis analysts are required to be certified by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board.

How can I start receiving these benefits?

To deliver respectful, discrete, and therapeutic healthcare solutions, Better Support Service employs highly trained and certified behavioral health professionals. As a licensed and qualified provider with a history of providing excellent care, Better Support Service is able to efficiently link families with the resources and benefits they need.

Behavior Analysis services are now available to all qualified recipients of Florida Medicaid who are 21 years of age and younger. To apply for the program and start receiving assistance, parents and guardians should contact the Better Support Service, whose professionals can walk you through the application and documentation process. As a qualified provider, the Better Support Service has the resources and connections necessary to approve your request and begin providing behavioral resources as soon as possible.

To gain access and begin receiving your Medicaid sponsored benefits and assistance, parents and guardians of children with cognitive disorders should complete the following steps:

  • Step 1: Visit your doctor to obtain a written order for Behavior Analysis services
  • Step 2: Contact the Better Support Service about receiving resources and assistance
  • Step 3: Submit the required documents to the Better Support Service team
  • Step 4: Work with Better Support Service to receive your benefits and improve your child’s behavior through therapy

Who should I contact?

The team at Better Support Service is passionate about making health care easy and hassle free for parents. To get in touch with Better Support Service, learn more about the Behavior Analysis program, and find out what benefits you may be eligible to receive, you can contact us at (786)-534-7172. Take the next step to receiving your benefits and contact us today!