Best Medical Management Practice Software Systems

Systems to Make Your Doctor’s Office Run Smoother.

There have been software systems for doctor’s offices since the late-80’s but they were expensive, and had questionable effectiveness.

But in the age of the smartphone, there is no reason why there can’t be a dead-simple and effective software system that can handle bookings, billings and more. These systems are the best of the best: they are evaluated based on the features they provide, how effective these features are, and cost.

1. NextGen Healthcare:

NextGen is hands-down the best all around healthcare management software around. It’s designed to run an office for just 1 Physician, or you can scale it up to 150 Physicians. The billing system includes a person database with demographic data that helps prevent any duplicate entries. It’s also set up to seamlessly adapt to new regulatory changes, such as the ICD-10 code set.

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2. AthenaCollector

athenacollector - medical billing software
Athena Health’s medical billing software is the best at billing and collecting medical payments. The cloud-based service uses a billing rules engine to help it collect on billings from customers. Offices that use Athenacollector, at least according to their website, see an increase in bills paid on time, as well as a reduction in the average number of days from billing to payment.

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3. eClinicalWorks Practice Management System:

eClinicalWorks has been around a long time, but it has adapted and improved to become one of the mainstays on our ‘top picks’ lists. The system is a very sophisticated scheduling software system that tracks multiple doctors and their patients, and can even include multiple office locations. You can customize it to include blocked-off hours, rules for recurring appointments, and more.

Official Website:

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